Up your power, down your blood sugar

Not only for your customer, but also for you a better health is waiting. That is, if you A. cut down on sugar in general and B. change your white sugar for a natural alternative.  These two actions will not only lower your blood sugar level, but they will also increase your daily energy.

You are addicted to sugar, we are addicted to sugar, the whole world is addicted to sugar. And as a result we are now experiencing an epidemic of diabetes the world has never seen before. 422 million patients in 2014 according to the WHO and that number is rising faster and faster.

We need to change this. And we can change this. Nature is already providing us with fantastic alternatives. And one of the most tasty alternatives is our blossom sugar from the Borassus Flabellifer, known in Cambodia as the Cambodian Palm Tree. Of course we want to sell this blossom sugar. But it is not our main motive. Our main motive is that we HAVE to provide an alternative, a natural alternative to you, me and your customers as sugar addicts.


cacao beans

We not only produce Palm Blossom Sugar but also the first cacao beans in 100 years in our Kingdom of Wonder. In the course of 2018 we will have our first yield. We are also stimulating other farmers to start with cacao. That’s  why we started a nursery for cacao seedlings.

We are still a start up company, struggling with the limitations of Cambodia, as one of the very underdeveloped countries, but we are proud to say that we just recently, in August 2017, required the GMP certificate, audited by Bureau Veritas in Thailand, so we are ready to export our fantastic alternative food commodities.