Vietnamese Cacao Nibs (Đắk Lắk)

Because it will take a little bit longer before we can harvest our own Cambodian cacao, we collect from a few small scale farmers in the Đắk Lắk province in Vietnam already fermented and dried cacao beans. We roast the cacao beans ourselves. The result, cacao nibs we now will sell under our Kamkav Farm label. Vietnamese farmers however still use pesticides so the beans are for sure not organic, however, we push them to use at least more organic fertilizers and pesticides instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

From early 2017 on we will harvest our own cacao beans from our own farm. Here we use only organic pesticides and fertilizers, specially produced for us in Thailand.

We also have a program to stimulate other farmers near us to start with cacao. So from 2018 on we hope not only to produce much more cacao nibs ourselves but also the very first Cambodian chocolate, a world premiere 😉