We will have enough cacao yield at our plantations as from 2018.

Right now, with our required GMP, we can sell our unrefined, very high quality Palm Blossom Sugar in bulk, in 30kg bags (non-vacuum) or in 5kg bags (vacuum).

Kamkav Blossom Sugar: Pouche 340 grams


Kamkav Blossom Sugar: Box with 25 sachets of each 5 grams


Kamkav Blossom Sugar: Bulk 5 kg, vacuum packed



Kamkav Blossom Sugar: Bulk 30kg bag, non-vacuum packed





Kamkav Cacao beans: Bulk 30kg bag, non-vacuum packed

Available as from January 2018


We are based in the provinces Kampong Cham and Mondolkiri.

In 2015 we started growing cacao on our own plantation. After heavy struggles with drought and other problems, we expect to have our own cacao yield as from 2018.

In 2017 we started collecting Cambodian Blossom Sugar from farmers who produce the sugar locally. As from October 2017 we will collect not the sugar but the nectar from the farmers, and cook it (unrefined and still 100% natural) in our own machinery to get an end product with the best hygienic standards.