Who are we?

May 2014 we started Kamkav. A Cambodian initiative by Dutchman Stefan Struik and Cambodian Chanthol Chean. Right in the heart of the largest, poorest and still most forested province of Cambodia: Mondulkiri.
Chanthol worked many years for different NGO’s in the region. Stefan has other businesses in Singapore and Holland.
It is our goal to develop cacao farming in Cambodia as a very profitable business for every farmer. We started ourselves with two farms, one in Bou Sra and one in Sre Ampom.
Cacao can become a very profitable business. Therefore we also encourage other farmers to start growing cacao. With a nursery, guidelines written in Khmer, and a team of trainers we hope to support them in getting the highest yield with the best quality.
From Thailand, we import and distribute organic fertilizers and organic pesticides, specially developed for the cacao trees.
In the province Kampong Cham we started with guiding families to improve the quality of the Cambodian Palm Blossom Sugar they already produce. Instead of the sugar paste they produced before, we guide them to produce the granulated palm sugar. We also help them to build new brick ovens with a high chimney that not only will save costs of wood but also the health of the families. We guarantee that the Cambodian Palm Blossom Sugar that these families produce for Kamkav Farm is of the highest quality, completely organic, unrefined and unblended.